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Sample Project

Hill Top Energy Center

A 620MW gas fired combined cycle development project in Greene County, Pennsylvania. We identified the site with the help of local partners, and were immediately struck by its potential: close to a 500kV substation, on top of Marcellus/Utica shale gas, next to a major river. In addition, the site was already cleared and leveled for a prior development that did not go ahead. We brought together a top team of professionals and obtained the financial backing of an experienced private equity firm. After three years of work in designing, permitting, contracting, and rights of way, this project has finally reached financial close and start of construction. The project is expected to come on line mid 2021.

Sample Project

Phoenix Energy Center

A 675MW gas fired combined cycle development project in Northern New Jersey. An abandoned paper mill was chosen as the site for this development with the help of our local partner. The key attraction of the site was that the paper mill is a blight on the landscape and is ripe for demolition, the site is within 3 miles of a robust 500kV line for interconnect, and a number of major gas pipelines run close by the site. In addition, the site is zoned for electricity generation, a very rare attribute in New Jersey. The site is also located in a congested zone (EMAAC) in the PJM system, thus resulting in higher capacity prices. Due to the difficulties of development generally in New Jersey, a fatal flaw study was conducted. After the conclusion of the study, development capital was sourced and an interconnection queue position obtained. Development is underway and expected financial close is in June 2020. 


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