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What We Believe

Abatis recognizes that no power project is simple.

Each project requires a dedicated and driven team of experienced professionals, with skill sets in engineering, construction, market forecasting, fuel sourcing, financing, real estate, contracts, surveying, permitting, rights of way, governmental relationships, and many other areas. Moreover, those skill sets are in some instances not transportable from location to location. The Abatis team prides itself in being able to bring on board the best and most suitable experts tailored for each project, with the core team members , each with their unique backgrounds, managing and co-ordinating their efforts to bring the project to a successful conclusion. 

The Abatis team brings the strategic vision which helps us identify the best development opportunities, but, recognizing also that any development is only as good as its weakest link, our team also brings the dedication to detail and discipline that is necessary to turn that vision into a reality.

Last but not least, Abatis knows that any power project will have a long term impact on the community. We strive to ensure that we work hand in hand with local authorities and residents to thoroughly understand their concerns and needs, with the objective of creating a project that will be a net improvement to the environment, as well as economically beneficial to the community.


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